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WELCOME ! Welcome to dbaXchange.com

This site features various aspects related to the oracle databases including practical suggestions, articles, white papers, script collections, useful oracle related web-sites, Oracle book recommendations, Job sites and many more.

This Site is being maintained by me, a DBA professional who is oracle certified and someone who's been administering oracle databases for more than 10 years.

I want to utilize this site as a means for exchanging useful oracle related information. You can join dbaXchange.com and contribute or you can send me your articles and scripts or links to articles that you come across on the web and I will include it at dbaXchange.com .

And finally, please take a moment to provide your feedback on this site. It will help me make this site better.






Disclaimer: No responsibility can be accepted for any loss of data, performance problems, or any other problems that you might experience, as a result of the application of the information or scripts presented at dbaXchange.com. You are strongly advised to thoroughly test scripts and techniques on a test database, before even considering to apply them to a production environment.